WEE School

The Weekday Early Education (WEE) Program of First Baptist Church Picayune provides a happy, wholesome preschool environment for two’s, three’s, and four  year old children. The learning experiences at WEE School are planned to help their mental, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual development. A variety of activities include working with paint, crayons, blocks and other manipulative materials; enjoying stories and books; learning to take turns, share, work and play with others; learning to respond rhythmically to music; learning reading readiness skills.

For more information call Cindy Bennett at 601.916.9330

WEE hours and dates of operations are as follows:

Age Group Days & Times
2 and 3 year old classes Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30-11:30
4 year old classes Monday through Thursday 8:30-11:30