Bible Study Fellowship                                    9:30-10:45am
Extended Session (3rys and below)              10:45-Noon
Worship                                                             10:45-Noon

 Kids for the Kingdom                                    6:30 pm

* Wednesday Evening Activities Vary During Summer

Kids Matter

We believe that KIDS MATTER… to God, to the world, and to the Kingdom; and we believe they matter NOW! Studies show that the majority of people’s worldviews and standards for making decisions are set by the time they reach 13 years of age. If we believe kids are important for the future of God’s Kingdom, it is pivotal for families and churches to instill the foundational truths of scripture in the lives of kids during these critical years of development.

Partnering with Families

We believe that families are the most important influence for kids during their formative childhood years. While church programs can be effective tools to guide kids toward spiritual growth, the truths taught at church are the most impactful if kids see them reinforced and lived out at home (instructed in Deut. 6:7). Our ministry wishes to partner with your family to help develop kids who love God and are passionate for his Kingdom. We plan to provide opportunities for fun events, service opportunities, worship times, and parent trainings that are all created specifically to develop growth of the family.