Bible Fellowships

We hope you find FBC Pic a place to know God, grow spiritually and to connect with others who will walk that journey with you. We encourage you to be involved in one of our Sunday Bible Fellowships.

All of our classes use the Bible as the basis of our teaching. Topical classes use the truth in the Bible to deal with different issues. Bible Book classes will study the Bible, verse by verse or passage by passage and relate it to our lives. We sincerely hope this information will help you find your way to one of our small groups. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask!

Preschool Department: Birth – 5 years old
*Classes for each age group that include age appropriate lessons, games and activities. Staffed by volunteers who love working with preschoolers.

Class Name Staff Room
Preschool I – Bed Babies Laurie Bounds, Donna Breeland, Becky Dodd,
David Hobgood, Jennifer McDonald, Emily Polk, Courtney Temple, Karey Wood
Preschool II (2 year olds) Rhonda Walker and Autumn McKenzie 133
Preschool III (3 year olds) Bud Nail, Mark Porter, and Lynne Stockstill 138
Preschool IV (4 year olds) Liz Shows and Wendy Houchin 136
Preschool V (5K) Connie Tapley, Denise Jarrell, and Wendy Jordan 140

Children’s Department: 1st – 6th graders
*Classes for each grade include teaching, activities, and fellowships appropriate for each grade level. Staffed by volunteers who have a heart for sharing God’s love with children.

Class Name Staff Room
Grade 1 Jennifer Myers and Anna Faith Breeland 110
Grade 2 Ray Scott and Jan D’Antoni 112
Grade 3 & 4 Grace Smith, Kay Miller, Kay Combs, Richie Hebert and Janet Teague 107 & 109
Grade 5 & 6 Cindy Raybon, Susan Tyson and Faye Bond 106
Special Needs Mary Nail and Pam Godwin 118

Students: 7th—12th grades

*Two departments. One Group. Classes for guys and girls, in every grade, taught by volunteers who love the Lord and students with a deep passion.

Class Name Staff Room
7th & 8th Grade Girls Michelle Trahan 227
7th & 8th Grade Guys Rodney Pearson and Chip Ellis 225
9th & 10th Grade Girls Melanie Davis 232
9th & 10th  Grade Guys Clay Sweet and Travis Kennedy 224
11th & 12th Grade Girls Leslie Espy 231
11th & 12th Grade Guys Jonathan Espy and Jonathan Trahan 229

Adult I (ages 18-35)

Class Name Staff Room
Coed (18-26) College Stephen and Casey Rawls, Nathan and Sarah Lee— Topical/Bible Book 230 (Link)
Couples (18-35) Young Married Seth and Christina Stanley 212
Couples (27-37) Parents of Kids Connie and Dave Windham 214

Adult II (ages 36-45)

Class Name Staff Room
Coed (35-53) Mark Formby — Topical Fellowship Hall
Coed (27-37) Brannon and Kelli Clymer — Chronological 210

Adult III (ages 45-59)

Class Name Staff Room
Coed (39-59) Aaron Russell — Chronological 208
Women (37-51) Joy Belle’s Jan Sweet — Chronological 203
Men (43-59) Jerry Stough — Chronological 204
Coed (42-59) Larry Williamson — Chronological 200

Adult IV (ages 60-69)

Class Name Staff Room
Coed (56-65) Faye Pind — Bible Book 202
Coed (53-63) Roy Bennett — Topical/Bible 219

Adult V (ages 70-79)

Class Name Staff Room
Women (58-72) Joy Shirley Stough — Topical 209
Women (62-71) Faith R.T. Buckley — Topical 205

Adult VI (ages 75-84)

Class Name Staff Room
Men (71-85) Jack Nail — Bible Book 101
Women (67-85) Gwen Williams — Topical 102

Adult VII (ages 80+)

Class Name Staff Room
Coed (75-up) Jim and Serina Gray — Bible Book Conference Room